The new Proline 2" dredge has redefined
the role of the small dredge. Our latest
developments have resulted in a smaller,
and more portable dredge, with increased
suction power and features normally found
only on larger dredges.
This dredge is now powered by our all new
HP 100 pump, direct coupled to the new
Honda 2.5 horse power 4-cycle engine.
This combination is incredibly powerful,
capable of producing well over 100 gallons
per minute and twice the pressure of our
previous pump.

The Honda engine is extremely quiet and
smooth running, with nearly twice the
economy of the 2-cycle engines, and of
course, it eliminates the need to calculate
the gas and oil mixture ratios of 2-cycle
engines. This engine is equipped with the
ever popular low oil shutoff.

Our HP 100 pump is manufactured with
the same quality and features found on our
larger pumps. One unique feature of this
pump is that it has been equipped with a
second discharge port on the side of the
pump, sometimes called a "flusher port."
This port supplies water pressure to run a
flusher nozzle for serious dredging.

Because we take the small dredges just
as seriously as the larger ones, we want
the small dredge to be able to clean out
the same cracks and crevices that would
otherwise be passed over. The Proline is
currently the only 2" dredge with this

The recovery system has been completely
redesigned as well. Due to recent changes
in the pump and jetting system on this
dredge, the suction power has dramatically
More powerful suction means that the water and dredged
materials pass through the dredge with greater velocity than
before, therefore the wave classifier and riffle profile had to be
adjusted as well. The increase in water velocity, believe it or not,
actually improved gold recovery.
This dredge uses Hungarian riffles, which are designed to develop
a strong vortex or "eddy" when subjected to higher water speed.
This dredge builds a stronger vortex behind the riffles to hold the
values better, plus it doesn't have the tendency to load up on low
grade material that other dredges have, leaving the riffles
unshrouded to work more effectively.

We still use "Noma" matting in this dredge, but now it is used for
the full length of the sluice box. This combined with our unique
one-piece classifier and riffle design has resulted in a greatly
simplified sluice box and easier cleanups.

As before, the pontoons are actually used as part of the frame,
eliminating the need for a heavier conventional frame. A knockout
rod is supplied for cleaning rock jams that occur at the power jet,
and it actually stays on the dredge when not in use. It is always
there when you need it.
Engine Honda 2.5 hp Intake hose 1-1/2" x 24"
Pump HP 100 Flotation...2 polyethylene floats 7" x 27" x
Sluice box 10" x 36" Capacity Up to 2 cubic yards per hour
Footvalve Proline 1.5" steel Weight 59 lbs.
Dredge hose 2" x 10 ft. Shipping weight 68 lbs.
High pressure hose 1-1/4" x 42""
                                       MSRP $1695.00
2.5hp Honda & HP100 pump OUR PRICE $1585.00 +FRT
Engine 4 horse power Honda or 2.5 horse power Honda
High pressure hose 1.25" x 54"
Pump HP 200 (for 4 hp Honda) or HP 100 (for 2.5 hp Honda)
Weight 95 lbs
Sluice box 12" x 40" Capacity Up to 5 cubic yards per hour
Dredge hose 2.5" x 10' Weight w/compressor 105 lbs
Intake hose 2" x 30" Weight w/2.5 horse power Honda 76 lbs
4hp Honda & HP200 pump                  MSRP $2395.00   
                                   OUR PRICE $2299.00 +FRT
Just a few years ago, all 2.5" dredges were floated on
innertubes. Most of them were available only with a suction
nozzle to provide the vacuum and none of the 2.5’s were capable
of driving an air compressor.
This all changed with the introduction of the Proline 2.5" flair
dredge. This was one of the first 2.5" dredges which was
mounted on sturdy polyethylene pontoons, rather than the
puncture-prone innertubes. This was the first dredge of its size
which used a flair and it came standard with a power jet, which
was much more powerful and easier to operate than the suction

In addition to being one of the most powerful pumps of its size
on the market, our HP 200 was designed to be capable of driving
an air compressor to support more active underwater mining.
These features made for a very stable, powerful, and usable

This dredge has been redesigned to create a lighter and sleeker
dredge without sacrificing strength. The dredge frame has been
eliminated for weight savings and has been replaced by a front
and rear assembly which mounts directly to the pontoons in a
similar fashion to our 2" dredge.

The pontoons are all new and are capable of handling swifter
water if necessary. They are molded to be slightly thicker and
incorporate larger inserts than the previous pontoons for
increased strength.
The dredge can now be powered by two completely different
engine/pump combinations. The first option is for the unit to be
powered by a 4 horse power Honda engine and our HP 200
pump. This combination makes for a very powerful small
dredge, and can still be equipped with an air compressor if you

The second option is to power the unit with the 2.5 horse power
Honda engine and our HP 100 pump. This is the same engine and
pump used on the Proline 2" equipment and develops fairly good
power on the 2.5" dredge. It is considerably smaller and lighter, and
requires less fuel to operate, which makes it ideal for those looking
for a little more than a 2" dredge. It is a somewhat limited package in
that it cannot run an air compressor. In addition, it will not be able to
process as much material or operate at the same depths as the
original package.

The sluice box still has rolled edges like the larger dredges, and is
designed for maximum fine gold recovery as well as easy clean up.
Just like our 2", this machine is supplied with a knock out rod for
clearing rock jams. Detailed operating instructions are provided.
Before the Proline 2.5" dredge was created, the 3" dredge
was the smallest machine available that could be equipped
with an air compressor for diving. Most 3" dredges are very
close in
size to the 4" dredges, and most all are powered by
the same engine/pump combination. Not all 3" dredges are
created equal.
When we designed the Proline 3" flair dredge, we built a
machine that we feel addresses most of the problems
associated with the 3" size. Our 3" dredge is considerably
smaller in size than our 4". It floats on its own set of pontoons
which are well matched for the weight and size of this dredge.
Like our larger dredges, the frame bolts together and is made
lighter for weight savings. The smaller flotation and frame allow
this dredge to be considerably narrower, shorter, and lighter
than the 4". This dredge is powered by a 5.5 horse power
Honda engine and our HP 300 pump, which is the only pump
on the market made specifically for the 3" equipment.

Our 3" is the smallest dredge we manufacture which utilizes
our exclusive “sure flow” coupler. This tried and true system
has essentially eliminated all surface rock jams. Conventional
dredges develop their vacuum with a power jet made of steel
This tube creates a restriction inside the hose and is responsible for
most of the plug ups encountered when dredging. Proline 3" and
larger dredges will not plug at the jet because the jet is internally larger
than the hose. Another advantage of using the "sure flow" coupler is
that it stays on the end of the hose and acts like a quick connector,
making it easier to put the dredge hose on and off. The jet and flair are
all one piece. It is made of thick polyethylene plastic and will usually
outlast the heavier steel power jets by 400%.
The sluice box is constructed of aircraft quality aluminum and is fully
welded for maximum strength. Like all of our other powered products,
the 3" uses "Nomad" matting for the full length of the sluice box. This
dredge has a very similar “wave classifier” and riffle design to our 4",
but has been fine tuned for the water flow and smaller gravel handling
capacity of the 3". The fine gold recovery of this unit is unmatched.

If you are considering purchasing a 3" dredge, we urge you to compare
the features of our machine with any other dredge on the market. There
is simply no other 3" dredge that will perform with it. We guarantee it!
Engine Honda 5.5 hp Intake hose 2-1/2" x 36"
Pump HP 300 High pressure hose 1-1/2" x 60"
Sluice box 14" x 48" Weight 155 lbs.
Footvalve Proline 2.5" steel Air compressor T-80
Dredge hose 3" x 15 ft. Capacity Up to 8 cubic yards per hour
Flotation ... 2 polyethylene floats 11-1/2" x 41" x 65"
5.5hp Honda & HP300 pump                  MSRP $29400.00  
                                      OUR PRICE $2800.00 +FRT
5.5hp Honda, HP300 pump & T-80         MSRP $3295.00
                                      OUR PRICE $31950.00 +FRT
Engine Honda 5.5 hp Intake hose 2-1/2" x 36"
Pump HP 350 Flotation .. 4 Polyethylene floats 13" x 46" x 74"
Sluice box 16" x 48" Capacity Up to 12 cubic yards per hour
Footvalve Proline 2-1/2" (steel) Air Compressor T-80
Dredge hose 4" x 15 ft Weight 208 lbs Pressure hose 2" x 72"
5.5hp Honda & HP350 pump                  MSRP $3565.00      
                                      OUR PRICE $3450.00 +FRT
5.5ph Honda, HP350 pump & T-80        MSRP $3920.00     
                                      OUR PRICE $3850.00 +FRT
6.5hp Honda, HP400 pump & T-80        MSRP $4095.00    
                                      OUR PRICE $3900.00 +FRT
6.5 hp Honda, HP400 pump & PCA10    MSRP $4350.00
                                      OUR PRICE $4250.00 +FRT
For decades the 4" dredge has been the overwhelming choice
of dredgers. The light weight, portability, and affordability of the
4" has always made it appealing, both to the weekend
prospector and the serious dredger alike. Small enough to be
slid onto the back of a pickup, light enough to be packed into
remote areas, the 4" dredge makes an excellent one man
Ask most of the experienced dredgers, and you'll probably hear
that it is the smallest dredge really capable of putting in a full
day of serious dredging. The popularity of this dredge makes it
a very competitive market for dredge builders, and we have
worked very hard to ensure that the Proline 4" dredge stays
ahead of the pack.

Extensive testing over the last two years has resulted in a more
refined and efficient machine. This dredge has been equipped
with a new pontoon design which has increased stability and
weight capacity, while remaining compact and lightweight. The
dredge frame remains the same as the previous model. It's a
sturdy, bolt-together design which allows the dredge to be
disassembled into smaller components for ease of transport
into remote locations. Assembling the dredge requires only a
few hand tools.

The dredge can be equipped with either the Honda 5.5 horse
power engine and HP 350 pump (shown) or the new 6.5 horse
power engine and our hot new HP 400 pump for additional

The new HP 400 is an extremely efficient 3" x 2" pump with a
high flow, "progressive bite" five vane impeller. This is the only
pump in the industry designed specifically for the 4" size
dredge. We highly recommend this engine and pump
combination for anyone who dredges to greater depths or at
higher altitudes.

Of course, this model retains our famous "sure-flow coupler" which
essentially eliminates all surface rock jams. This unique one-piece jet
flair assembly not only eliminates countless hours of down time
unplugging jams, but is approximately half the weight of our
competitors designs, and the thick polyethylene plastic jet usually
outlasts conventional steel powerjets by four to five times!

We've also kept the highly acclaimed "wave classifier" which has
proven to greatly enhance fine gold recovery, while eliminating the
problems associated with processing low grade black sands. The
"wave classifier" develops a pulsing or jigging action which prevents
the dredged materials from loading up in the front portion of the sluice

By shedding the low grade particles, the fine gold can drop out of
suspension earlier and accumulate under the classifier, where it is
safe from the turbulence and disturbance caused by the larger rocks
traveling through the sluice. The rear portion of the sluice box utilizes
"Hungarian" riffles for maximum efficiency and the dredge is equipped
with "Nomad" matting for the ultimate in fine gold recovery. With these
latest advancements, we're confident our 4" dredge will continue to be
"the most popular dredge on the market!"
Beginners love the 2" machines because they are small,
lightweight, and very affordable.
The Proline 2" combo offers the
versatility of being operated as either a small gold dredge or a
highbanker which can be fed continuously with a small shovel.
Our 2" combo is now powered by the all new HP 100 pump. This
pump is direct coupled to the Honda 2.5 horse power 4-cycle
engine and offers astounding performance in a package that is
lighter and quieter than our previous engine/pump combination.

There are some obvious advantages that come from using this
new engine, such as the famous Honda quality, low-oil shut-off,
and the ease of no longer having to worry about those gas and oil
mixtures. In addition, this engine is the perfect size and operates
at the proper R.P.M. to develop peak water volume and pressure,
both of which are required to get full use out of this combo.

Visually, the 2" remains the same as last year’s model. The
refinements that were made were done to take advantage of the
new pump, as well as to make it easier to operate.
For example, the spray manifold which breaks up the bank run
material when highbanking, has been refined to cope with the new
found higher pump pressures and the highbanker hose now
clamps onto the manifold in a more “relaxed” manner, eliminating
many kinks in the hose.
The riffle profile was altered as well, due to the increased water
flow. Gold recovery was actually improved because the higher
water speed gave the Hungarian riffles a greater hold on the finer
gold particles. We have kept all of our other features such as our
use of “Nomad” matting, the removable grizzley, and our sturdy
stand with adjustable legs for uneven terrain.

Some new features include a longer pressure hose for use when
dredging to allow the unit to sit further from the pump. Another
feature is being able to more effectively clean out the cracks and
crevices when dredging by taking advantage of our high pressure
outlet, located on the side of the pump. There simply isn’t a more
advanced 2" combo available anywhere!
Engine 2.5 hp Honda          Dredge hose 2" x 10'
Pump HP 100                      Highbanker pressure hose
1.25" x 25'
Sluice box 10" x 36"            Weight 57 lbs
Jet 2" x 1.25" slip                
Dredge capacity Up to 2 yards per hour
Dredge pressure hose 1.25" x 10'
                                       MSRP $1775.00
2.5hp Honda & HP 100 pump  OUR PRICE$1695.00 +FRT
Engine 4 hp Honda                  Dredge pressure hose
1.25" x 10'
Pump HP 200                          Highbanker pressure
hose 1.25" x 40'
Sluice box 12" x 42"                 Weight 95 lbs
Jet 2.5" x 1.25" thread              Dredge capacity Up to 5
yards per hour
Dredge hose 2.5" x 10'

                                    MSRP $2395.00
4hp Honda & HP200 pump OUR PRICE $2295.00+FRT
The Proline 2.5" combo has become very well accepted with many
prospectors who feel that it is the perfect size of dual-purpose
machine. When this unit is being operated as a dredge, it is capable
of processing in excess of five cubic yards of material per hour. This
is also the smallest Proline combo that can handle a continuous
feed with a standard size shovel, which makes it the perfect
highbanker for one or two people.
This combo falls halfway in size between the 2" and 3" models and
has incorporated some features from both of them. For example, the
stand and legs are longer, but are made out of the same size
material as the 2" for weight savings. The polyethylene plastic
hopper has been reinforced just like the 3" and the riffles have a
stiffening rod on them to ensure a longer life. The sluice box on the
2.5" is made out of the same thickness of aluminum as the 3" as
well. This makes for a very strong unit.
Powered by a 4 horse power Honda engine and our HP 200
pump, this is by far the most powerful 2.5" combo available
anywhere. The HP 200 pump was developed for high volume as
well as high working pressure necessary for successful
highbanking. This pump was also one of the first of its size
which was engineered to be capable of driving an air
compressor while still maintaining ample suction power.
All of the Proline dredge-highbanker combos are popular with
prospectors who are looking for maximum versatility in a proven
design. If the 2" combo isn't up to your needs, and if the 3"
combo is just a little too large, then the Proline 2.5" combo
would be the perfect choice!